Know Your Customer!

Let me show you an easy exercise to build a professional Buyer Persona for your company.


 Get a leg up on your competition!


The biggest difference between the marketing efforts of small business owners vs. major corporations isn’t the amount of money they spend on advertising

It’s the amount of time they spend on research and planning.

Executives with million-dollar ad budgets don’t just throw content out there to see what sticks. They first conduct consumer research to determine the needs and preferences of their target market.

Even without expensive custom research, a Marketing team, or big advertising budgets, you can create more strategic, targeted and effective marketing materials.

Your knowledge and experience – coupled with a reasonable investment of time and resources – are all we need to create a customized Buyer Persona. The same kind of document corporations use to help guide their marketing campaigns.

Get corporate-level marketing at startup-level prices!

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