What Customers Are Saying...

I met Alissa fairly early in the development of my company. We did have a website, but were not getting many calls yet. And I was working hard to establish myself in the Charlotte market.

Alissa immediately had ideas that quickly increased our visibility online. Her efforts landed Carolina Fingerprinting on the first page for organic Google searches. She heard the pitch I gave about my business model and rebranded my website to highlight my unique business model. She created a Marketing plan that covered everything from my vision and value proposition to my ideal client base, to my branding. I now have a document detailing exactly what kind of marketing I have established.

I continue to contract with Alissa for ongoing marketing support. We have made great progress in the past year, and I want to keep the momentum going. I highly recommend ThatIsWhatIDo.com.

Lucius McMillon, Founder

Carolina Fingerprinting, LLC


I was introduced to Alissa by an acquaintance.  I had a website that was not “speaking to me.”  Meaning, it was not giving those visiting the website the message I wanted them to get.  The pictures were not relating to what my services were and, in my mind, it was all very confusing.  I spoke with Alissa about the message my website was giving out there.  What Alissa does best is listening.  She listened and took all the changes I wanted made on my website, then she went to work.

Alissa is a great blessing.  She pretty much overhauled the old website and replaced it with one that not only “speaks to me,” but spoke to the audience visiting it.  We had a lot of hurdles but, step by step, Alissa solved them.  My old website developer was a pain and wanted to block us from re-doing the website but Alissa overcame that and we won him over.

Alissa still helps me out and I plan to have her as my marketer as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a piece of mind in this industry, then Alissa is your answer.  I recommend her, without hesitation.

Susan Hino

Founder, Annasus Companion Care www.annasus.org


Recently I, Mr.Owens, had the pleasure of working with Miss Nash, it was very educating and beneficial to me. Miss Nash created a business ad that attracted plenty of good views and it was clean and professional. I would recommend Miss Nash to any business clients.

Sreve Owens, Owner

Steve’s MOBILE Automotive Services


My business depends on my ability to communicate with my clients, and I have been very successful in this field for many years. Working with Alissa has taken a load off of me!!! She helped to automate and simplify my processes, allowing me to engage my entire client base. Her intuitive and proactive approach makes me feel as if she really understands what I wish to convey without me having to explain every single nuance every single time. A joy to work with! Yes. I would highly recommend Alissa and her services to other financial professionals! 

Brian Keith McNeill
Elite Financial Services 


I have called on Alissa Nash to help design content for several webinars as well as develop promotional copy for my consultancy practice.  Not only am I fully satisfied with her expertise and abilities as a writer, I find her to be conscientious, reliable and flexible.  As a global thinker, my ideas often come fast and tend to be wide-ranging. I appreciate the fact that Alissa is able to hear me out and identify the actionable steps necessary to bring the project to fruition. She has also proved to be willing and able to work toward accelerated deadlines when necessary. I definitely plan to continue working with ThisIsWhatDo.com.

Kevin A Carter

President | Inclusion Innovates

www.inclusioninnovates.com | #InclusionInnovates


Full disclosure… When it came to selling what I do, I was hesitant to think that anyone else could do it better than me.    After I read Alissa’s marketing copy that she wrote for my company, I’m wondering how I was even able to generate business in the first place.  What a marked difference a professional makes.  She articulated the vision of my services so well.  After running her copy just one time I saw a 20% increase on all my businesses’ social media feeds.  I love witnessing how her words have driven customers directly to my events. She did a phenomenal job and I would highly recommend her services.  I guarantee when she’s done, you may be looking at your company in a completely different light. 

Melanee Marshall
Founder, Closet Creatives LLC



After relocating from Brooklyn, where I ran several successful businesses, I was struggling to find my niche in Charlotte, NC. Alissa was able to not only craft a persuasive message to promote my latest venture, she was also able to give me insight into the business climate in my adopted city. I found her to be professional, proactive, and easy to work with. I am now fully employed and definitely plan to use ThisIsWhatIDo.com’s services for any future promotional campaigns.

John K. Monroe
Pristine Painting and Cleaning Technicians



Alissa is an excellent partner who is a true professional. She is focused and dedicated. I’ve worked with Alissa on a variety of projects, all complex in nature. She always introduced new and creative approaches to our learning and development needs. She is great to work with and you can always count on a successful outcome. 

Sean Mahedy
Park Avenue Securities