Strategic Marketing Ensures You 

Why you need Strategic Marketing

You are an Entrepreneur.


You started your own business so you can devote your energy to doing what you do best.

Not to spend valuable time talking about it.



Customers Can’t Buy What They Don’t Know You Sell


An effective marketing strategy is a necessary investment in your company’s success.




Corporate-level marketing at Startup-level prices! 

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Marketing should be an investment, not an expense.

100% of the resources you spend on marketing is wasted if you fail to reach your audience.

To develop corporate-level marketing at startup-level prices you need to think strategically! 

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Website Design

Ready for a professional, affordable website that accurately represents who you are as an Entrepreneur, your vision for the company, and the value you bring to your customers?

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Connect to Your Base

Rank higher in organic online searches

Paid ads are not your only option!

Correctly developed free resources can help dramatically increase how often you show up in search results.

Improve your ability to reach your target market,  gain online testimonials, and your company’s status on ranking sites.

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Develop an Effective Message

Affordable Copywriting Services

Customized, cost-effective, original content for blog posts, articles, web content, etc.

Fast turn around, complete satisfaction, and competitive rates guaranteed.

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Get Started For Free!

100% of the resources you spend on digital marketing is wasted if you fail to connect with your audience.

Before you spend one more dollar on a marketing effort with no clear strategic focus, contact me for a free consultation.

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Ongoing Marketing Support

My business depends on my ability to communicate with my clients. Working with Alissa has taken a load off of me!!! She helped to automate and simplify my processes, allowing me to engage my entire client base.

Brian Keith McNeill
Elite Financial Services


Skilled Copywriter

I have called on Alissa Nash to help design content for several webinars as well as develop promotional copy for my consultancy practice.  Not only am I fully satisfied with her expertise and abilities as a writer, I find her to be conscientious, reliable and flexible. -

Kevin A Carter
President | Inclusion Innovates

Promoting Your Brand

Full disclosure… When it came to selling what I do, I was hesitant to think that anyone else could do it better than me.    After I read Alissa’s marketing copy that she wrote for my company, I’m wondering how I was even able to generate business in the first place.

Melanee Marshall
Founder, Closet Creatives LLC

Increased Visibility Online

I met Alissa fairly early in the development of my company. We did have a website, but were not getting many calls yet. And I was working hard to establish myself in the Charlotte market.

Alissa immediately had ideas that quickly increased our visibility online. Her efforts landed Carolina Fingerprinting on the first page for organic Google searches.

Lucius McMillon
Founder, Carolina Fingerprinting, LLC

Website Rebranding

I had a website that was not “speaking to me.” Meaning, it was not giving those visiting the website the message I wanted them to get. The pictures were not relating to what my services were and, in my mind, it was all very confusing.

What Alissa does best is listening. She overhauled the old website and replaced it with one that not only “speaks to me,” but spoke to the audience visiting it.

Susan Hino
Owner, Annasus Companion Care

Marketing Strategy 101:

Corporate-level Approach on a Startup-level Marketing Budget

Entrepreneurs are hit with so many marketing must-haves that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed!

The thing is, all the

• marketing trends ‘they’ tell you must be followed

• social media platforms you simply have to join

• marketing best practices you absolutely need to master

All focus on HOW to reach out to your prospects and customers.

One of the last things a professional marketing team would consider.

 The 5Ws of online marketing

Everything printed in your company's name impacts your brand. 

Before you post anything online, take the time to ask yourself:


WHO are you talking to?

Your message should be tailored to your intended audience.

As you compose your message, think about what you would say to:

  • New or existing customers
  • Leads or potential customers
  • Potential partners or influencers

WHAT do they need?

People respond best to things they care about.

To get them to hear you out,  it’s important to wrap what you want to say inside something they want to know.


WHERE should you find them?

You need to know the best places to interact with your unique customer base. Ask yourself if you get the best response rates on:

  •  Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter?
  • Networking sites like LinkedIn?
  • Your email list?
  • Organic searches on Google?

WHEN should you tell them?

There is a lot of competition for our time on the web. When connecting with customers online, consider:

  • Best time of day/day of the week to reach your audience
  • How often to send communications
  • Tailoring your message to life events, like seasons or holidays

WHY should they care?

You have to provide a compelling reason to get people to act.

When composing communications to an audience, consider:

  • Did you clearly identify what’s in it for them?
  • Are you presenting anything of value?
  • Is your ‘call to action’ clear and concise?